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Fed up with soggy bits of wood that smell and are now starting to grow fur? Or perhaps you have to hunt around for pieces of brick or stones for the corner steadies.

Now the answer to sloping pitches has arrived: the STEADIBLOC

A lightweight block to use in place of timber on sloping or uneven pitches. Each Steadibloc consists of four flat plates made from a special polypropylene plastic, which fit together to form a lightweight and strong block 15cm (6”) high and can be used up to two high.

They dismantle and pack to just 150mm x 150mm x 80mm per pair. Furthermore, they have been tested to over 2 tonnes, weigh less than 1kg per pair and can be rinsed in a bucket of water or under the tap. They can be used with or without load spreader plates or lateral steady devices.

They are excellent value for money at just £19.95 per pair. (Post & Packing £ 5.30)

Or buy two pairs for £39.90 (post & packing £5.30)

Please note, we are currently out of stock. Please e-mail before ordering

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